Tools for installing dreadlock extensions

Here are your must have tools for installing dreadlock extensions. These include tools used to lengthen existing dreads as well as those required to install single and double ended extensions.

Latch Hook for installing extensions

This latch hook makes installing single ended extensions easy.

Price A$12.00

Nylon Thread for Dreadlock Extensions

High quality nylon thread for securing dreadlock extensions. It's discreet, strong and long lasting and allows you to cover...

Price A$19.95

Hair Extension Clips - 10 Pack

These clips make for quick, easy and temporary installation of Dreadlock Extensions.

Price A$6.95

Lock Peppa / Dread Dust

Dread Dust makes forming knots so much easier! It's ability to texturise the hair to encourage knotting and locking will...

Price A$17.50

0.6mm Crochet Hook

Our 0.6mm hooks are the perfect size to create and maintain dreadlocks.
Price A$10.95

Pro Elastics - Heavy Duty for Extensions

Our heavy duty pro elastics are the perfect size to secure braid in dreadlocks or braids.

Price A$4.95