Nylon Thread for Dreadlock Extensions

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High quality nylon thread for securing dreadlock extensions. It's discreet, strong and long lasting and allows you to cover you own hair completely once braided in, creating a very neat finish.


Our high quality nylon thread has been designed specifically to secure dreadlock extensions in place. With a wider colour range, you can achieve a better colour match, it is very discreet and very strong and long lasting. Unlike rubber bands, nylon thread allows you to wrap the loose ends of your own hair, binding them to the dreadlock extension and creating a neater finish. If you have existing dreadlocks and are adding extensions at the base of your dreadlocks for extra volume or a pop of colour, this thread is also perfect for keeping them in place.

Blonde: Suitable for our lighter shades including Ash Blonde & Light Blonde

Dark Blonde: Suitable for our Sandy Blonde, Sandy Blonde Ombre, Honey Blonde & Sandy Brown

Mid Brown: Suitable for Mid Brown, Sandy Brown Ombre, Walnut, Warm Brown & Auburn

Dark Brown: Suitable for our Dark Brown & Black

Instructions for use ~ As you reach the bottom of your braid, wrap some thread around the braid and tie off with a double knot. Now continue to wrap the two ends of the thread over the ends of your own hair, flattening them down and binding them to the dreadlock extension. Once you cover all your own hair, finish off with another double knot and cut off any excess thread.

Hot tip! It's fine finger work and can be fiddly so it's a good idea to hold the braid in place with a hair clip or sectioning clip for when it comes time to tie the knots.

Size: 2,500 yards / 2286 Metres ~ This is a generous amount and will give you plenty of thread for many installations of your dreadlock extensions.