Our shampoo range includes our original and very popular liquid shampoo's and a comprehensive range of shampoo bars (the eco friendly option). Our shampoos have a plant derived base and each have their own unique blend of essential oils offering various benefits. They have been designed with dreads in mind, deeply cleaning and aiding in the locking up process. 

It is a good idea to start shampooing your hair with a Dread Empire shampoo in the lead up to getting dreads. This will remove product residue and build up caused by regular hair care products and prepare your hair for the soon to be knotting and locking. Once dreaded and after the first week, you can shampoo as often desired- this is despite popular belief! Itchy scalps are synonymous with dreadlocks and often the reason for this is that people have stopped or scaled back their shampoo regime. Whilst shampooing can make your dreads messy initially, ultimately, the cleaner the hair the better it will dread. 

And we couldn't do a piece on washing dreads without mentioning the most critical of steps - rinse, rinse, rinse and dry, dry, dry! Ensure they are thoroughly dried before tying them back or donning a hat to avoid mildew (aka dread rot).

Deep Cleansing Soaks

Sometimes regular shampooing may just not cut it. If you work in a dusty environment, sweat a lot or just feel your dreads have become heavy and dull, then our Bi Carb & Himalayan Salt soaks are what will do an amazing job in deep cleaning and making your dreads feel lighter, brighter and revitalised. The soak will penetrate the dreadlocks and absorb and remove any oily build up, dust and grime. A deep cleanse can be performed no often than every 6 weeks.

Accelerating, tighening and taming products

Here we have a selection of products which accelerate the locking process and help tame and tidy messy locks. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other and can be used on dreadlocks of any age. Here's the low down on each: 

Tightening Gel - A delicious smelling, light weight aloe vera based gel that will allow you to quickly tame and tidy loose hair. It can be left in or easily washed out and can be used as often as desired. 

Dread Dust - This dust has the amazing ability of texturizing hair to encourage even the straighest and most stubborn hair to knot and lock up. It makes backcombing hair so much easier giving the comb something to grip to and it can be used for ongoing maintenance of established dreads, particularly when you are for example, dread balling or tidying up loose hairs. It won't cause build up and it won't cause bits of fluff etc to stick to the dreads. 

Dreadlock Accelerator - This sea salt based spray will 

Dread Wax - This one offers super bind ability and mostly used by our customers who have very coarse or dry hair or for those with afro hair types. It is heavy duty and designed to stay put so we recommend only the smallest amount is used and palm rolled into the dreads only as required.


Dreadlock Conditioners can be used on dreads which are mature or at least tightly crocheted and not prone to slipping out. When your dreads are prickly and irritating and your hair appears dry and brittle, it's time to condition. Restoring the hair's moisture content will soften it and make it more elastic and therefore stronger. 

Conditioning Spray - A light, leave in spray that is very effective in softening dreadlocks and being Aloe Vera based, it has a scalp soothing effect also. We often use this one to soften new human hair dreadlocks extensions. 

Quench - A delicious, sweet smelling blend of oils available in 3 flavours. Quench conditions a little more intensely than the Conditioning Spray. Place a few drops in the palms of your hands and apply to your dreads by palm rolling. Starting with a small amount will give you a feel for how much Quench you need to apply and you can adjust and increase the amount as needed. It addition to improving hair health, it will leave them smelling divine. 

Dread Balm - A creamy balm with shea and macadamia oils to deeply condition and help bind dreads. This is the heaviest conditioning product available so it's suitable for very dry hair.

Botanical Serum

Botanical Serum is the antidote for itchy, dry, irritated scalps! Apply it to the scalp as required, starting with only a small amount and increasing or adjusting the amount and regularity based on how your scalp responds. It is rich in Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, D & E and possess's strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. 

Not only can it aid itchy scalp conditions and dandruff but it is an excellent face and body moisturiser. Rehydrating the skin promotes healing of scars and creates a plumper appearance which may make fine lines and wrinkles less visible. This blend of oils is readily absorbed by the skin and it balances sebum production making it suitable for all skin types including those which are problematic and prone to break outs.