0.6mm Crochet Hook

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Our 0.6mm hooks are the perfect size to create and maintain dreadlocks.

The Dreading Hook is used to pull loose hair into the dread, it will really neaten up your dreads making them tighter and smooth in process. The needle is 0.6 and the handle is comfortable and made from sustainable bamboo.

To use the Dreading Hook, hold the dread firmly between your fingers and use the other hand to push the Hook through the dread. Now grab a couple of loose hairs and pull them back into the dread. There's no need to pull the Hook the whole way through, try to just pull it into the middle then push it back out again to grab a couple more hairs. This technique is fairly straight forward and easy to get the hang of so you'll be able to clock up some good speed soon enough. Now as you are pushing it back and forth, keep the fingers which are holding the dread nice and firm and ever so slightly twist the dread back and forth - this just keeps the dread nice and even. As you finish one spot, slowly spin the dread around so you end up working through the entire circumference of the dreadlock.

So when's the best time to use this tool? It's always a good idea to perform maintenance after your dreadlocks have been washed with a residue free Dreadlock Shampoo and you've allowed them to completely dry. This can be done on dreads of any age - in fact you can get started using this tool right after you've created dreads. When you've finished back combing and given them a thorough palm roll follow up with the Dreading Hook working your way slowly and carefully along the length of each dread.