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Dread Dust makes forming knots so much easier! It's ability to texturise the hair to encourage knotting and locking will speed up the time it takes to create and maintain dreadlocks.


Whether you are maintaining existing dreads or creating new dreadlocks from scratch, this has got to be one of your must have products! Just a little sprinkle of powder will texturise the hair strands making them knot and lock up in a fraction of the time. It`s particularly good for soft silky hair or hair which is reluctant to dread as it makes the strands feel as if they are courser and therefore they become more inclined to knot. This product will not build up in your hair.

Installing new dreads: Sprinkle Dread Dust onto the section of undreaded hair before backcombing. Dread Dust will give the comb something to grip on and will make the process of forming little knots so much quicker and easier.

Maintaining existing dreads: Whether you`re Dread Balling stubborn loose flyaways, Clockwise Rubbing new growth or Palm Rolling, Dread Dust can be used when performing maintenance and will be a great help encouraging even the straightest of hair to knot and lock up.

Other uses: This is a great little product to use when you are installing braid in extensions. Gripping the undreaded hair to make the braid as tight as possible can be difficult if the hair is soft, silky and slippery. Sprinkle a little Dread Dust on a hard surface and press your finger tips into it before braiding. A small amount of dust will transfer to the hair allowing you to grip it better whilst making the braid tighter.

Dread Empire`s Dread Dust is proudly Australian Made.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Alcohol, Silicone Dioxide, Rosin, Bentonite

Size: 35gms

Use only as directed and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Dispose of product 12 months after opening.