Dread Empire - Dreadlock Accelerator

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A Sea Salt based tightening spray which will encourage dreadlocks to lock up and tighten.


Dread Empire delivers the ultimate Dreadlock Accelerator! It tightens and matures dreadlocks faster by utilising the age old accelerating properties of Sea Salt and a splash of Lime. The texturizing effect caused by the Sea Salt is balanced with the addition of Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B to condition and nourish the hair. This creates not only tight, smooth dreads but healthy ones too.

This formulate creates an environment for dreadlocks to thrive by opening up the cuticles which run along the hair strand. In turn, this will make the locking and knotting process so much easier as hair strands will grip to each other, tightening the knots along the way.

Spray generously through newly washed dreadlocks and allow to air or blow dry. Palm rolling on a regular basis is recommended to ensure dreads remain separated, it will help keep the dread nice and round and with a little downward pressure, it will also help to minimise excessive shrinking and lumps and bumps which is typical throughout the maturing process. If you wish to further condition or smooth down loose hairs, palm rolling with Dread Empire`s Tightening Gel or Balm is recommended.

Dreadlock Accelerator is also a must when installing new dreadlocks. After shampooing, generously spray hair and allow it to dry thoroughly before commencing with sectioning and then dreading. 

Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Aloe Vera Gel, Alcohol, Sea Salt, Panthenol (Vitamin B), Polysorbate 20, Lime Oil, Citric Acid


Use only as directed and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Dispose of product 12 months after opening.