Dreadlocks Large Turban Towel

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This makes wash day a breeze! A comfy and much quicker way to dry your dreadlocks with the largest and most absorbent microfiber turban on the market.


This towel's incredible absorbency and quick drying of dreadlocks makes wash or swim day a pleasure rather than a chore! We've designed this turban using high quality microfiber fabric which has a GSM of 550. GSM is a measurement of quality and absorbency and 550 is a stand out compared to most other turbans on the market which sit around 300GSM. Our microfiber is soft, fluffy, light weight, incredibly absorbent with the ability to absorb 10 times its weight and it's quick drying. At 90cm / 35" in length, it's also the longest microfiber turban on the market making it perfect for both shorter and very long, heavy dreadlocks, braids and very long hair.

Directions for use:

1. Wash turban before use to remove any excess fibers left over from manufacturing. This is a lint free fabric once washed.

2. After shampooing or swimming, pop the turban on, capture your dreadlocks in the length of the turban and twist then secure the elastic around the button. The button can be positioned either on the front or the back of your head if you prefer to lean over when popping it on. If you have excess length, simply twist more to take up the slack before securing it in place.

3. Wear your turban for as long as desired and after removing it, allow your dreadlocks to completely dry before tying them back. The final dry will be much quicker and easier after wearing the turban.