Dread Comb

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The perfect comb for backcombing! Use this when you are installing dreadlocks or when performing maintenance such as re dreading the ends.


Dread Empire's Dreadlock Comb is designed to be able to pull and be pushed hard when backcombing. Normal plastic bristles will bend and snap off long before your dreadlocks are done and Pet Comb bristles are too far apart and this causes big loops to form. The Dread Empire Comb has the bristles perfectly spaced to achieve the right amount of teasing of the hair.

After backcombing, we recommend using our 0.6mm crochet hook to condense the puffy backcombed section drawing in the sides in order to create a smooth, tight dreadlock. For comprehensive instructions and videos on how to make and maintain beautiful, natural dreadlocks, please visit www.dreadlocks.com.au