Kits & Combos
Starter kits and combos have everything you need to start and maintain strong, healthy dreads with the additional bonus of combo discounts!
Wax & Balms
Designed for dreadlocks, our wax & balms will accelerate the locking process, tightening your dreads & taming loose hairs. It's a must when creating new dreadlocks and should be used as part of your regular maintenance routine.
From the woody scents of cedarwood to the invigorating burst of citrus. Our shampoos are designed specifically for Dreadlocks to help strengthen and nourish whilst removing oily build.
Locking & Tightening
Perfect for accelerating the maturing of new dreads or maintaining tight smooth ones - our locking and tightening products are fantastic products to use at any stage of the locking process.
Strong healthy hair means strong healthy dreads! Our conditioners have been made with dreads in mind and unlike normal hair care products, our range of all natural dread conditioners will ensure your dreads remain healthy, tight and sweet smelling.
Dread Extensions
Are you dreading going the whole way? If you are not quite sure whether permanent dreadlocks are for you or maybe your hair just isn’t long enough for real dreadlocks, then Dreadlock Extensions are the answer!
Dread Tools
Dread tools of the trade! Making dread maintenance easy.
Dread Band, Visors & Swim Caps
An awesome range of stylish and functional visors, bands and wraps, all made with dread heads in mind.
Dread Beads & Cuffs
A great range of Dreadlock Cuffs, Wooden, Glass & Metal Beads.